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How it Works

  1. Communities are given preset days to leave their trash and recycling outside their front doors. Our trash concierge software will send text reminders to tenants before hand

  2. Our trained trash concierge will come by each door to collect trash and recycling

  3. Trash will then be delivered to onsite trash dumpsters

  4. Quarterly cleaning on dumpsters and dumpster pads

  5. Spot cleaning of tenants doorsteps where trash leaks

  6. Portion of revenue gets shared back with owner or property management company

  7. Site is left clean, and tenants are left knowing their trash needs are taken care of

Valet Trash Benefits for Residents

  1. Valet trash collection is a service nearly all residents take advantage of unlike a gym or pool at their community

  2. An extremely convenient and appreciated amenity

  3. Can easily be added to current monthly rental dues

  4. Eliminates having to carry trash bags down flights of stairs

  5. Put an end to having to place trash on the roof of your car or in your trunk and driving it to a centralized dumpster

  6. No trash is left out in the community during leasing hours

  7. Dumpsters are cleaned nightly by uniformed, professional and insured Service Valets

  8. A convenient time saving low-cost service

  9. Crime Deterrent – Service Valets will be on the property majority of every weeknight, wearing an appropriate uniform to help let residents know that have been hired by the management company. These valets are there during the evening hours when all other staff members have left for the night.

  10. Cleaner community

Benefits of Valet Trash for Apartment Complexes

  1. Proven amenity to attract new residents

  2. Guaranteed ancillary income stream

  3. Easy implementation with no to LOW upfront cost

  4. Helps increase resident retention

  5. 2-6 weekly trash pickups

  6. Cleaner community with happier residents

  7. Consolidating dumpsters to expand parking spaces

  8. Extra security with additional onsite personnel

  9. No trash out during prime leasing hours

  10. Complexes can be marketed as ‘green’ with comprehensive valet trash recycling

  11. The valet trash amenity is a fantastic service for any apartment community. Not only will it impress residents, but it will also take a complex to the next level of revenue generation.

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